Stakeholders Advisory Committee

Responsibilities of the committee:

The committee is in charge of the implementation of the following tasks and functions:

  1. Study and discuss topics on the accreditation activities and make recommendations thereon.
  2. Review policies and strategies of the GAC and give opinion and appropriate recommendations to the General Director.
  3. Review the GAC plans and programs provided by the Director-General and make recommendations thereon.
  4. Review of annual reports on the activities and achievements of the Centre and give opinion, and appropriate recommendations.


Composition of the stakeholders advisory committee:

The Advisory Committee is composed of 3 groups of interested parties represented as follows:

1- Government authorities:

One representative of a government authority (ministry) in each of the Member States (7 members).

2- Conformity Assessment Bodies:

  1. One representative from the conformity assessment bodies accredited by the GAC (up to 6 members);
  2. One representative from the conformity assessment bodies associations.

3- GCC organizations, Industry and consumers:

  1. One representative of the chambers of commerce and industry of the Member States;
  2. One representative of the consumer protection organizations;
  3. One representative of the Secretariat-general of the Cooperation Council;
  4. One representative of the GCC Standardization Organization;
  5. One representative of the regional metrology organization GULFMET;
  6. One representative from NGOs representing beneficiaries of conformity assessment activities;
  7. One representative of the General Direction of the GCC accreditation Center.

All members shall perform their duties in professionalism and integrity and shall abide with GAC confidentiality policies.

Decision making at the stakeholders advisory committee:

Each representative is entitled to one vote.

Each member can request to be represented by another member of the same group of interested parties, a member cannot represent more than one other member. Proxy forms shall be sent at least 7 days before the meeting is due to take place.

Resolutions and recommendations made by the Stakeholders Advisory Committee concerning substantive matters must gain the approval of at least two thirds of Stakeholders Advisory Committee members.

In procedural matters, resolutions and recommendations shall be taken by majority vote of those in attendance. In cases of equally split votes the President shall have the casting vote. No Resolution or recommendation is made against the opinion of two groups, the opinion of a group is the one expressed by the majority of members present or represented in this group.