HALAL FOODS CATEGORIES: Preservation Techniques, Processing Technology and Allowable Additives and Processing Aids



- Specificities of Halal food products / Classification of food products / Properties of food ingredients / Alteration of Food products / Food preservation approach /                                                                                          

Definition of additives and processing aids / Requirements of the standard GSO 2055.1                                                                                        


Food preservation methods

- An overview of food preservation methods / Physical methods of preservation / Chemical methods of preservation / Biological methods of preservation


Food technology and processing

For each food category, the following items will be presented: the principles and approved specifications and standards :  examples of general flow charts for the production / view potential defects and optimization measures to be a halal product / principles of the equipment used.

- Farming animals and plants / Products with long shelf life at room temperature / Perishable vegetable products / Perishable animal products / Feed production / Food Service and Distribution / Chemical and Biochemical Manufacturing / Transport and storage / Packaging and wrapping material manufacturing


Use of food additives and processing aids

For each additive and processing aid, the following items will be covered: Classification, applications, functional properties, advantages and disadvantages, Halal, Haram or Mashbouh status.

- Food colors / Preservatives  / Antioxidants  / Emulsifiers  / Foaming agents  / Additives affecting the texture (thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers) /Sweeteners and flavorings / Enzymes / Microorganisms ….



 nctionalethods of preservationNational and International Regulations of food additives

- Concept of  Maximum Use Level (MUL) /  Lists of permitted additives and quantities allowed per food group / Synergy concepts and interaction between additives


Reasons for the prohibition or suspicion of some ingredients and food additives

- Source / Risk for human health / Important dangers caused by some additives in the absence of the application of regulations and laws / Behavior in case there is doubt about a component / Scientific analysis to find out that ingredient/additives/processing aids are Halal, Mechbouh or Haram


Case studies

Applications for additives / Applications for raw materials / Group Application Test


General summary of the session


Evaluation test for participants

Course times

SN Date Location Fees Apply
1 01 - 05 Dec 2019 Riyadh 5000 Ended