Qualifying Auditor for Halal Product and for food safety management systems according to : GSO 2055-2 /ISO TS 22003/ISO IEC 17021-1


An important component of halal food certification is the food safety auditing of the Halal food
processing, packaging, storage and transportation. It is then Crucial that Halal Auditors have the skills
and techniques for efficient audit conducting (ISO 19011) and the understanding of the food safety
requirements (ISO/TS 22003) in conformance with the GCC requirements for Halal Certification
ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems

ISO 19011 is a guideline developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The
ISO 19011 standard is generic and can be used for auditing any type of management standard:
quality, environmental, heath and safety and others.
Halal Certification bodies ill benefit from ISO 19011 training for its auditing activities. This ISO 19011
Halal course is the most comprehensive training on the subject. It provides training on the standard
itself but also on how to lead audit teams, conduct Halal audits and also internal audits using ISO
ISO/TS 22003:2013 Food safety management systems -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and
certification of food safety management systems
This Technical Specification is intended for use by bodies that carry out audit and certification of food
safety management system (FSMS) by providing generic requirements for such bodies. Such bodies are
referred to as certification bodies. This Technical Specification is used as a criteria document for the
accreditation of Halal certification bodies which seek to be recognized as being competent to certify that
an FSMS complies with ISO 22000 under the Halal Schemes.
By participating in this online course, you will be able to:
1 - Master the auditing techniques per ISO 19011, which are used for quality, environmental, and
safety management system audits
2 -  Learn how to prepare and conduct an audit on food safety requirements
3 -  Be exposed to real auditing case studies covering many industries requesting halal certification
4 -  Understand the relation between food safety hazards and Halal hazards,
5 -  Enhance your halal audit practies to be in conformity with the GCC countries requirements for Halal certification bodies.
Major topics include:
1-  Auditing techniques applied to food safety Halal audit,
2-  Initiating the audit
3- Conducting the document review
4- Preparing for the on-site audit activities
5- Conducting the on-site activities
6-  Preparing, approving and distributing the audit report
7- Completing the audit
8- Conducting audit follow-up
9- Auditing Case Studies

This course is for you if you:

  1. Want to quickly and efficiently learn how to audit Halal management systems .
  2.  Want to be a Halal lead auditor, to conduct internal audits and enhance your Halal certification practices .
  3. Want to improve your CV and career opportunities with qualifications in quality assurance and leading 3rd party halal audits .

    Course times

    SN Date Location Fees Apply
    1 05 - 07 Oct 2017 هولندا 2000$ Ended
    2 19 - 21 Oct 2017 كندا 2000$ Ended
    3 02 - 04 Nov 2017 امريكا 2000$ Ended
    4 16 - 18 Nov 2017 البرازيل 2000$ Ended
    5 16 - 18 Nov 2017 هنكاريا 2000$ Ended
    6 21 - 23 Dec 2017 المكسيك 2000$ Ended
    7 25 - 27 Jan 2018 Spain- Barcelona $1690 Ended